Dear friends,

Thank you for all of your supports!!
This is the reminder to join the celebration of our 10th Anniversary this Friday, Saturday at SJ California Theatre !!!!!

My new duet " Keyed" with Raphael is a great creating and dance journey and it has almost come to the end.
It is fun to work with mature male dancer and inspired by his energy and expression on the stage.
We are also exciting to have a solo violinist to join in the dance.

Jose Limon's master piece " Moor's Pavane" which embodies the passion of Shakespeare's
" Othello". ( I dance the opening night, Friday Oct/5) is also a great challenge to me. It is never the dance technique but the express and meaning behind the movements. Besides the heavy costume has already forcing me to lost weight~~~ha ha....

I am really looking forward to share this wonderful experiences with you.
See you in the theatre~~

Oct/5,6 ( Friday, Saturday) 8PM

SJ California Theatre
345 South First Street
San Jose, CA 95113

PS: I still have some tickets in hand,let me know if you need me to save for you~~~

Hsiang-Hsiu 向秀


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